Subject: LADC DAY puala Faina Hnatlang kohna.

Lawngtlai 26.04.2024 : April 29, 2024 (Thawhtanni) hian LADC Day denchhenin Lai Autonomous District Council hnuaia thawktu zawng zawngte tan Lawngtlai Khawpui chhung tifai turin, Faina Hnatlang koh a ni. He hnatlang ah hian Lawngtlai Khawpui chhunga kawngpui / veng hrang hrangte tihfai hna thawh tur a ni a, hetiang hian Department hrang hrangte chanpual sem a ni.


1. GAD, P&ARW, P&PL.:- LADC Office to Areopagy

2. EF&CC, A&C, I&PR : Areopagy to CYLA Hall

3. DCS, L&J, AH&Vety, PHE : Areopagy to Chawngte peng

4. LR&S, PWD, Taxation : CYLA Hall to AOC:

5. LAD, Agri, Horti, Sanitation, Co-Op. :  Areopagy to AOC Pump via DC Office

6. Education(M&P), LADCBSE, Fin & Accts.: Areopagy to SP Road via Christian Hospital

7. Fishery, LRS&WC, RD , SWD, :  Chawngte peng to 71 RCC

8. Sericulture, Industry, SYS, DM&R : LADC Office to Central Godown

9. All others departments not mentioned above: LADC Main Complex

He hnatlang hi April 29, 2024 (Thawhtanni) Zinglam dar 6:00 atangin tan tur a ni a. Areopagy-ah innghah khawm tur a ni e.

A chunga tarlan anga hma la a, ruahmanna siam chhunzawm turin, Sanitation & Waste Management Officer ruat a ni.

Head of Department leh Head of Office zawng zawngte mahni Department/Office-ah theuh a tul anga lo puangzara hma lo la nghal tura ngen leh hriattir kan ni.

(Issue Vide: Caretaker of the LADC's Order of 26.04.2024)

 Sd/-L.Z. Tluanga

Joint Secretary to the Lai Autonomous District Council General Administration & Control Department

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