Serchhip Feb 18, 2023: Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga chuan vawiin khan Govt. Serchhip College Administrative Building sak tur lungphum chu khuallian niin a phum. He building hi Special Assistance to States for Capital Investment (SASCI) atanga sum sanction cheng nuai 650 hmanga sak tur a ni. He programme-ah hian Social Welfare Minister Er. Lalrinawma chu khualzahawm a ni.

    Govt. Serchhip College Administrative Building hi 27.02.2023 atanga sak tan tur niin, kum hnih chhunga zo tura ruahman a ni a. Chhawng li awmin, chhawng zawng zawng zau zawng belhkhawm chu 1490.43 Sq.m a zau tura ruahman a ni. Chhawng hrang hrang awm dan tura ruahmanna siam chu hetiang hi a ni:

    1) Basement - Staff room for Physics Dept., Chemistry Dept., Zoology Dept., NCC (Army) & NCC (Air wing), IQAC Office, IGNOU, RUSA, NSS Office, Gents & Ladies toilet block.
    2) Ground Floor - Principal room with attached toilet, PA room, Establishment room, Staff room for Botany Dept., Accounts room, SU Office, Women Cell Adventure Club, Gents & Ladies toilet block.
    3) First Floor - Staff room for History Dept, Mizo Dept., English Dept., BCA Dept., Mathematics Dept., Education Dept., Store, Gents & Ladies toilet block
    4) Second floor - Staff room for Political Science Dept., Geography Dept., Economics Dept., Philosophy Dept., Sociology Dept., Store, Gents & Ladies toilet block.

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