Dr.Andrew H.Vanlaldika, District Magistrate, Lawngtlai District chuan vawiin Ni 22.April,2021 hian Mizoram sawrkar oder No.B.13021/101/2020-DMR/Vol-III dated 9th April,2021 in thuneihna a pek angin Lawngtlai District chhunga CADC ah Covid-19 positive an pun zel avangin mipuite him zawk nan Dt 27/4/2021 -30/4/2021 chhung atan CADC area atangin Lawngtlai-ah Sumo Service rih lo turin thupek a chhuah a. He thupek zawm lote chu The Mizoram (Containment and Prevention of The Spread of Covid-19) Act, 2020 hnuaiah hrem theih an ni ang, a ti.

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